Why Hire Top DevOps Consultants

May 17, 2021 Blog

Why Hire Top DevOps Consultants

DevOps has been with us for more than ten years and still has been growing in popularity. Why? With DevOps being a philosophical and cultural shift that unites key software development teams, it’s still mostly about streamlining the product creation and delivery processes for it to be of the highest quality and brought to the market as fast as possible. Here we will discuss reasons why you should invest in DevOps, what requirements for DevOps engineers we have in 2021 and why you should hire top DevOps consultants. 

Why invest in DevOps

With DevOps correctly implemented, IT business gets these benefits:

  1. Faster delivery of both new features and issue fixes.
  2. Better cross-team collaboration leading to innovation.
  3. Earlier detection of issues.
  4. Continuous deployment providing customers with a better, constantly refreshed experience.
  5. Customer feedback is implemented in the product faster.
  6. Improved performance of all involved teams.
  7. Better prioritization of unplanned workload.

Why hire DevOps engineers

What do DevOps engineers do?

  • Project planning and management. In the majority of cases, DevOps engineers perform a leading role and plan the project from the code building to the software product support. Also, they manage the project from task assignment to performance reporting. 
  • Working on IT infrastructure. As a rule, infrastructures are not perfect and there are always issues to improve. DevOps engineers detect those issues and work on the improvement, or they design a new infrastructure that will be able to get products to market much faster.
  • Performance measuring. Every day DevOps engineers test the systems and analyze how they work.
  • Processes automation. DevOps engineers are the automation gurus. They find ways to effectively automate all the SDLC processes.
  • Release cycles configuring and optimization. DevOps engineers’ task is to configure release pipelines, detect and get rid of the bottlenecks and optimize them as much as possible. 
  • Performance tracking and reporting. DevOps engineers constantly track the product performance and report on results to the teams.
  • Security provision. DevSecOps are the engineers that focus on the security of the software product delivery during all the SDLC phases. 

Required DevOps skills in 2021

  1. Awareness of DevOps methodology, practices, processes and tools.
  2. Linux expertise. It would not hurt if any engineer learned some key Linux commands because the majority of the DevOps operations are Linux-based.  
  3. Knowledge of programming/scripting. A DevOps engineer might not be a coding master, but handling basic scripting languages such as Python, PHP and others is very preferable. 
  4. Understanding of Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery and Continuous Deployment pipelines configuration and implementation.
  5. Networking. Knowledge of how to configure, monitor and secure networks is crucial. 
  6. Infrastructure-as-a-code. IAC is a type of IT infrastructure that teams can automatically manage and maintain with the help of a code. 
  7. Cloud expertise. DevOps specialists have to know how to work with at least one cloud provider: GCP, AWS or Azure. 
  8. Soft (Social) skills. Without well-developed communication skills, proactivity, collaboration skills, emotional stability and customer-oriented attitude, an idea of a high-performing DevOps team will never work. 

Bottom line: Why hire top DevOps consultants

With a clear understanding of the DevOps importance for IT business, companies try to implement it in their teams. They have two options: create an in-house DevOps team or turn to professional DevOps outsourcing companies for them to provide high-performing DevOps services. One way or another, you will need recommendations from DevOps experts. In this case, you’d better shake your hands with top DevOps consultants.