How to run an Instagram marathon

Mar 19, 2021 Blog

How to run an Instagram marathon

Marathons appeared a long time ago and since then their popularity has not abated. The only difference is that now there is an educational online marathon instead of a classic long-distance running, which allows its participants in record time to get a lot of valuable insights, useful knowledge, and in the end – a prize for completing all the conditions. And no physical exertion – just a blue smartphone screen. We decided to carefully analyze the phenomenon of marathons on Instagram, as well as derive the perfect promotion algorithm that works for everyone without exception.

What is a marathon on Instagram

Could people from the time of Antiquity have guessed that marathons would become a world treasure, and that competitions would be about not only physical endurance of the body, but also mental acuity? Probably not, but this phenomenon not only exists in the modern world, but is gaining momentum from year to year, joining the “marathon” movement more and more users of the Web. People want to feel a sense of community and integrity, they want to prove themselves and win a prize, feel inspired or just try their luck. At its core, a marathon is a form of interactive, which can refer to informational, entertaining, educational and even sales content. Your followers are the runners, and you only guide and coordinate them on their way to victory. Before a marathon, it makes sense to buy instagram followers to raise your account status.

Do you feel you’re an expert in something? Then teach visitors to your page business literacy, or tell them step by step how to harmonize family relationships. Have a clothing store with a huge assortment? Then you can hold a free marathon that teaches participants how to correctly and stylishly combine closet items. There are a lot of options, as well as a lot of chances that your interactivity will please your target audience, increase profile activity, as well as bring you new subscribers.

People come to the Instagram for conversation and entertainment. A marathon immediately closes these two needs, because you become part of a group with a common goal. It brings you closer together, forces you to step out of your comfort zone, motivates you and gives you a lot of emotions that you sometimes lack in the grayness of everyday life. It is foolish to think that marathons are uninteresting and unpromising. Social network users want and actively participate in them, some out of very pragmatic convictions, some do it to learn their own inner resource, and some go about their inquisitive mind. It is also necessary to outline quite clear elements that should be present in every marathon.

  • Cool idea. This is where it all starts. Think about the concept, get your readers interested, prepare them for a new interaction gradually, but first gather feedback, wishes and clarifications from your own subscribers.
  • Funny, but logical tasks. When you have an idea and a clear goal, it’s important to outline a sequence of steps on the way to achieving it. Each new task should not only provide positive emotional value, but also fill the participants with information. Forget about platitudes and school rules – complete freedom of action, flight of fancy and creativity are the best helpers in coming up with tasks.
  • Skill development. Skills training is an obligatory part of any marathon.
  • The prize. Getting out of your comfort zone, where it’s warm, cozy and so good, is no easy task. There can be a million excuses, but a cool reward for the effort is a good motivator. 

We are sure that now you have a clearer picture of how you can promote yourself in social networks, securing the status of an expert and getting permanent instagram followers.