How to make money on Instagram if you’re a blogger

Apr 19, 2021 Blog

How to make money on Instagram if you’re a blogger

If you have decided to develop your account or even want to buy instagram followers to get more followers, then you should also study information about ways to make money. This will help you solve the problem and help you use all those tools that can benefit you. Let’s take a look at a few popular solutions in this category.

The Ambassador

The Ambassador is the face of the brand and a well-known person who will be inextricably associated by followers with the company being promoted, so it is important not to fail here and to build the right communication with the audience. No, we are not talking about a one-time advertisement flashing in the feed. The Ambassador over a long period of time should systematically put up posts, and unobtrusively recommend the brand to their subscribers.

Online store/proprietary brand

Nowadays almost all bloggers tend to go beyond their core business and get a store or showroom. In this case you do not even need to spend hours at the loom and laboriously sew models with your own hands. The main thing in this case – a competent advertising campaign and a loud name gracing the product. Yes, it’s very expensive, so not all influencers can afford it. But there is good news: if you are really interesting to the audience and produce a quality product, the spent resources will pay off in a short period of time.


Online consultations or posting announcements of public consulting events – another way to make money on your blog if you are a lawyer, psychologist, coach, nutritionist and so on. Drive traffic to in-person meetings, hold regular live events, share tips with followers, organize distance consultations, etc.


Are you an expert in a certain area? Then feel free to monetize your knowledge. You can sell anything you like – from SMM-promotion courses to fitness guides. Record lessons, create closed channels, make programs and get good money for their work. To prove your professionalism in action (followers should understand from whom they will gain knowledge), dilute your feed with free content: tips, picks, best practices, or short memos. Then news about the launch of paid services won’t look pretentious and unreasonable.

Branded items

There are bloggers who produce branded products. Yes, you certainly do not earn a lot on this because of the high competition, but you can attract the attention of the audience, and this is already a fat plus.


If you are a very media personality, you can sell the rights to your image. Many bloggers use this option, as there is an opportunity to get a great profit at the cost of minimal effort. But in this case, you really have to be a recognizable personality.

There are many ways to make money on Instagram. But first you need to get as many permanent instagram followers as possible so that your prices will grow proportionally. If you are willing to spend your time to develop your profile, the result will be very interesting.