How to get the best CS:GO skins

Jan 4, 2021 Blog

How to get the best CS:GO skins

Let’s deal with the issue of getting skins in the game. In this situation, we suggest considering several ways to get skins. Some ways to be trivial, the second difficult, expensive third, but still, if you come to this question consciously, you will get cherished skins in the game, because you do believe in it! 

The first way to get skins in CS:GO

The most trivial way to get skins in the game is to buy them. To do this, you will need some deposit of cash. This is the easiest way and not very expensive. Let’s face it, if you need a certain skin, you shouldn’t rush to spin cases with that skin. Sometimes it is easier and much cheaper to buy it on the marketplace

Also understand that expensive, not always cool and beautiful. Sometimes it makes no sense to buy expensive skins, if you are looking for beautiful skin. It also happens that the cents are sold for a real masterpiece. Everyone is different, and that one likes one, not necessarily like another player. On this basis, do not be lazy and spend a little of your free time, so as to study the market and look at all the skins. There are really terrible skins, which are very expensive. By the way, pay special attention to the skins with stickers, although their presence sometimes inflates the cost of weapons, but there are also situations to the contrary. 

Yes, and when buying a weapon, pay attention to the quality of the weapon. New is always more expensive than a little shabby. But the second type is often just a level cheaper. Do not strive to buy the newest, because it does not affect the quality of the game, but will allow you to save some money. By the way, if you haven’t been buying games on Steam for a long time, then the trading platform can be blocked. So make sure that it is available for you. 

Once purchased, the purchased item is locked for 7 days. So you can’t do anything with it. Keep this in mind, if you are going to use the trading platform for your own purposes. To summarize, I would like to say that buying on the marketplace is first of all safe, secondly it is very profitable, because there is a market competition and thirdly it is easy. The only downside is that you have to put money in the account.

The second way to get skins in CS:GO

About this method you know about it, and perhaps you have already guessed about it. It consists of frequent play on game servers. He will allow you to get skins without cost, perfectly legal just for the fact that you play. First I would like to mention the disadvantages of the method: 

  • The first disadvantage is that it is very time-consuming. After all, agree not every player has in stock a whole day to play the game. Well, those skins are not worth such time-killing. 
  • The second drawback is that this way very rarely falls for something worthwhile. Often fall out of there widespread skins, which do not want to play with. Well, yes, it happens sometimes that drop cases and very rarely any worthwhile weapon. But it happens not often, and besides the opening of cases need keys, which must be bought separately. 
  • The third minus is that it all falls is not every game, but only periodically, so it is very expensive and not profitable.

Advantages of free method

  • The first plus, right, very fat. It’s that it’s all free and no risk. 
  • The second plus method is accumulating a certain number of skins and cases you can sell them and buy yourself something better. 
  • The third plus is that you always have a chance of getting a more expensive skin. 
  • The fourth plus is that there are special servers that have an increased chance of a good drop. 

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