Gift card: the best birthday gift

Sep 8, 2020 Blog

Gift card: the best birthday gift

Gift cards for entertainment and adventure is one of the most fashionable trends. It is not surprising: first of all, today there are many agencies that offer gift cards for excursions, master classes, quests and various extreme adventures.

Secondly, a gift card is an excellent gift for a person who, as they say, already has everything. And thirdly, it is a really unusual, original and memorable gift, because clothes are out of fashion, gadgets break, flowers wither, sweets end, and memories of bright adventures stay with us forever.

Why is a card a great gift?

Why exactly a gift card? Wouldn’t it be easier to bring the gift to the place and solemnly pay for the entertainment? Actually, it is not easier. A gift card is a very convenient format, and that is why:

  • The person, to whom you give a gift card, chooses a convenient time for the event. Gift cards usually have a long validity period – usually from several months to one year.
  • The birthday boy may choose his own company for an adventure, especially if you have presented a card for two.
  • For all its uniqueness and originality, a card is not an overpriced gift. Of course, a flight on a fighter plane will cost a lot of money, but the card for a flight in an aero tube is available to almost everyone.
  • The choice of cards is huge: from master classes on ikebana to parachute jumps. You can always find something that matches the character and hobbies of your loved one.
  • As a rule, cards are not registered, and if for some reason the donated person will not be able to use it, he always has the opportunity to pass the card to someone else.
  • A gift card is a great option if there are a few days left before the holiday, and you don’t have time to wander around the stores looking for something interesting. You can buy such a card online and even order its delivery directly to the home of the gift recipient. It is also convenient if you are far away, but certainly want to congratulate your loved one on the holiday.

Gift cards for men

What kind of card can a man give to a friend, brother, husband or even boss? Here are some worthy options.

  • Excursion. The ideal gift for those who are fond of history or architecture. A guided walk through the hometown will help you to see familiar places from a completely different side, as well as make amazing discoveries. If your friend is a fan of everything unusual, you can please him with a tour on the rooftops, government bunkers or abandoned subway stations.
  • Discount gift (egift) cards. It is the best option to give an interesting option for a gift. This will help you make an interesting and attractive type of gift.
  • Quest. Real quests are an entertainment, which seems to please almost everyone. By the way, it is also a good way to get acquainted with new people. Quests can be thematic, and some agencies do not arrange quests indoors, but right in the city streets. You can’t even think of a better gift for a fan of detective stories!
  • Ticket for a concert, performance or exhibition. A ticket to a show of your favorite band or a new production with your favorite actor is a good present, but it is important to find out if the gifted person will have a chance to use it. Before buying a ticket, be sure to clarify whether the friend has other plans for this evening.
  • Extreme (parachute jump or flight by airplane). It is suitable for people who are young, healthy and like risk. However, the word “risk” is not quite appropriate here. No matter how extreme the adventure may seem, it will be absolutely safe – such entertainment is suitable for professionals with extensive experience.