Boost your sales with Salesforce consulting services

Oct 6, 2020 Blog

Boost your sales with Salesforce consulting services

Marketing should prepare a “platform” for sales. At the same time, marketing campaigns should be conducted within reasonable budgets and with a minimum probability of negative feedback. How can automating customer interaction processes with the help of CRM-systems help?

The main task of CRM-system implementation is to ensure effective work with the customer profile. It is necessary to ensure storage and updating of the database, including contact and demographic information, current and previously used products, customer interaction history, etc. At the same time, the automation of processes to update these data makes the customer profile useful.

Segmentation of clients for marketing purposes is more appropriate to conduct by behavioral patterns, rather than by age, gender and place of residence. Family composition, relationships with other clients, history of appeals, information about property and products used makes it possible to more accurately compare the client with a “reference portrait”. It is no longer uncommon for some banks to use additional information to significantly reduce their costs and do this to the benefit of their clients.

In order to comply with budget constraints, you need to choose the right channel of interaction. Naturally, the easiest way to launch a prime-time commercial on leading TV channels. But it is much more efficient to use the budget for targeted marketing campaigns via call-center, SMS/MMS, e-mail or Web. And it’s even better to use each contact with the client to deliver the relevant marketing message. For these purposes, it’s better to use the integration of call-center in a single CRM-system.

Almost always marketing campaigns “cover” and “extra” customers. The use of CRM-systems allows you to quickly record responses. Including negative ones. Target segments, channels and impact scenarios are corrected based on responses. Right up to product changes. In addition, it is important to control the “load” on the customer. That is, the number of contacts per unit of time. Here, the mechanisms of campaign planning and prioritization come to help.

As experience shows, to effectively solve these problems, it is advisable to use a CRM-system. In particular, salesforce consulting services allow you to combine information about products and customers with the most “convenient” channels of interaction at all stages of the marketing, sales and service processes. 

When it is worth thinking about CRM-system implementation

There are a huge number of CRM definitions, but this is what leads to the fact that there is no single concept on the market, and everyone interprets the meaning of CRM in their own way. Why not replace “standard” methods with a personal approach? Why wait for me to come to a travel agency when you can periodically offer me personalized offers through a convenient channel, taking into account the information collected during the whole period of cooperation. It is much easier to evaluate the effectiveness of such work, and with the right organization it is quite possible and qualitatively manage this process. Experience shows that even for such a company the use of CRM-system in marketing can bring a significant effect.

Unfortunately, in a large company, it is physically impossible to provide a personalized approach to servicing each customer without automation means. At the same time, a CRM-system allows you to put such service on the flow, making it a kind of conveyor. If all necessary information on a customer is presented in a convenient way in one place and routine operations are automated, this will allow the staff to focus directly on quality customer service.