Month: February 2016

Russia’s hackers the stuff of Hollywood

What’s going on in Russia these days would make for a great tech-related movie. Think about it: you’ve got all kinds of organized crime groups running amok in what amounts to The Great Bear’s version of America’s 19th Century Wild West, salivating over the money to be made by way of Internet scams.As analyst Chris Christensen points out in an article I wrote last week, the risk is minimal, the cost of entry negligible, and the monetary rewards can be about as big as…well…Russia.

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Not the death of WiMax

Sprint Nextel and Clearwire have walked away from a partnership that would blanket a third of the U.S. population in WiMax access, but it’s a bump in the road, not a major detour. (Or, as Iain Grant of SeaBoard Group puts it, “It’s certainly not the death of WiMax.”)

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Google these

Google’s Android announcement was not the branded mobile phone we were anticipating, but a development platform for mobile manufacturers and carriers to deliver more applications to the smart phone market. The company has always been about tearing up the rule book when it enters a market, and the ad-subsidized model for delivering smart phone apps is another example of what one analyst called a “game-changer.”

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